Youth Club – Clip ‘n Climb

On Wednesday 12th February, several KS2 came along to our Clip and Climb session in Burton. A fantastic 13 children attended, from around Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth. Everybody did fantastically well, with many children getting all the way to top of some of the most difficult walls. There was a lot competitiveness between some of the children and they were racing each other to reach the top first! I have never seen so many falling hearing aids and processors!! I am very skilled at catching now! Everyone had great fun, even us TODs!! I had a go at climbing, Ailsa was seen crawling through the soft play, Lorna had a bounce in the soft play and Jennekeh made sure everyone had fun. When we all got together at the end to talk about what everyone wanted to do at our next meet up, every single child said they wanted to go back to the Clip and Climb. So watch out for details of our next Youth Club. Claudette Banks – Teacher of the Deaf

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